Sprintex MotionMetrixTreadmill

For 3D (and 2D) Gait Analysis

Sprintex Ortho Treadmill for Running Gait Analysis

The MotionMetrix Treadmill is a standard Sprintex Ortho that has been specifically upgraded to meet the requirements of 3D marker-less gait analysis technology.

For the runner it is also a major improvement.The specially designed short handrail system doesn’t feature a cross bar and as a result encourages a more natural and free flowing gait. Removing the cross bar has allowed the design engineer to stiffen the treadmill at running surface level – enhancing ground reaction forces that are second to none. All this allows your 3D (or 2D) cameras more access to your client whilst they are running.

The touch screen terminal is attached to a 5m cable (armored) which can allow the treadmill to be controlled from the treadmill or by the clinician away from the treadmill. (Covid-19 friendly). Both the treadmill handrail and the touch terminal have emergency stop buttons just in case your client needs to suddenly stop.

This is undoubtedly the best treadmill on the market for 3D markerless gait analysis.

Benefits of a MotionMetrix Treadmill

  • Covid friendly touch screen that can be positioned and operated away from the treadmill.
  • No front cross bar for a more natural running gate
  • Short hand rails for a better view
  • A unique slat-system that creates realistic ground reactions for your client’s analysis.
  • Mirco-adjustable legs enable a level running surface accurate recording.
  • Low noise output – a direct result of its design and precision engineering.
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