Professional Treadmills

Perfect for Gait Analysis and Rehabilitation

Sprintex: German engineering, realistic ground reaction forces, perfect for walking/running gait analysis, rehabilitation or professional athletes.

Ordinary treadmills use a revolving belt to pull your feet beneath your hips, this is not how we move. Sprintex slat-belt system allows your feet to propel your hips. Sprintex use rigid individual ‘T’ slats linked together to form a belt, similar to that of a Tank. A patented rubber surface attenuates impact shocks.

The slat-belt runs smoothly on 144 sealed roller bearings – creating an almost frictionless movement. Therefore, we do not need a large power unit to drive our slat system, leaving you to do more work – like you should.

With its many advantages over conventional treadmills, the Spintex slat-belt running surface should be the choice for motion analysis and rehabilitation professionals.

Below are the main advantages of Sprintex slat-belt technology:

  • No bounce – essential for measuring normal gait parameters
  • No torque – ensures ground reaction forces are accurate
  • No lateral slide – any lateral movement it is the patient.
  • Localised Impact Force – initial contact stay with the individual T slat
  • Foot timing is not compromised by belt lag.
  • Smooth – no jerky start, acceleration or stop (walk as slow as 0.2kmh)
  • Low noise Output

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