Sprintex Ortho Treadmill for Running Gait Analysis

Sprintex Ortho Treadmill

For Running Gait Analysis

The SPRINTEX ORTHO is the special treadmill for gait analysis and has been designed and manufactured according to medical requirements. SPRINTEX ORTHO is a brand-name quality product that meets the highest demands. It offers completely uncomplicated run training. It is also suited for health, wellness, fitness and recreational training as well as for all professional athletes.

      • Slat-belt running surface:
        155 cm x 50 cm
      • Displays for speed, time, distance, pulse
      • Pulse measurements via POLAR chest strap
      • Double-sided, ergonomically shaped railing for a secure fit and safe access
      • Emergency off switch with magnet
      • Speed: 0 – 17 km/h
      • Permanent marking of the tread center
      • Switch to reverse direction (Reverse switch)
      • Optional: Video-railing
  • 60 cm width of running surface
  • Special running surface:  L 180 cm × W: 50 cm
  • Variable speed: 0 km/h to 20 km/h
  • Switch for reversing: the running direction (reverse)
  • Gradient: continuous, electronically adjustable from 0% to 15%
  • Gradient: continuous, electronically adjustable from 0% to 20%
  • Height and width adjustable hand rails
  • Variable armpit supports (height and lateral adjustment)
  • Video Railings specially for cameras (left/right)
  • 2 Railings for walk-through system
  • Touch Terminal
  • Range of RAL colours
  • Custom made models

Touch Terminal

(optional extra)

Gel touch speed control.

(Only in conjunction with touch terminal)

Holder for personal protection.

Reverse speeds 0km /h to max 20km /h

SuzSprintex Ortho for Gait Analyis