Online and in person

Professional 2D and 3D Gait Analysis Courses

MAR-Systems is happy to re-introduce its education courses on the MotionMetrix gait analysis system. Numbers to Practice will outline how practitioners, coaches, and clinicians can use the system to its best effect when analysing a person’s walking or running gait. Course topics include:

  • Key Characteristics of Running Analysis
  • Key Characteristics of Gait Analysis
  • Gait Retraining: How MotionMetrix can help guide your practice.

The course will be run online and in-person by MAR-Systems’ biomechanist, Sean. The course will provide attendees with a synopsis of some of the latest research on gait retraining and how their MotionMetrix system can help them elevate their practice. The in-person course will include practical demonstrations, collaborative discussion with other practitioners as well as educational resources on how best to use the MotionMetrix system to elevate your practice

About Sean:

After completing his BSc in Kinesiology at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, Sean moved to London to pursue his MSc in Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences at Brunel University with a primary focus in biomechanics. Sean has been fortunate enough to be involved with a wide variety of biomechanical research, where he has actively developed his analytical mindset. As the sport science lead at the West London Track & Field Club, he is able to apply this knowledge while he analyses a wide variety of athletes from the recreational to the international level.


Course Dates & Cost


Please call us at 01344 623883 to enquire about courses for 2022 so we can let you know when dates have been finalised.

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Online Training

If you use any of our motion analysis tools and you are interested in improving your knowledge and Interpretation skills then we offer Online training via Teamviewer and Skype. We offer training on any of the following systems

  • AmCube Plantar Pressure Measurement Plates
  • Moticon Inshoe Pressure measurement device
  • MotionMetrix Markerless 3D gait analysis

Training is individualised to your needs and is charged at £99 (+vat) per hour.

Call us today on 01344 623 883 or email for a quote and to discuss your requirements.

1-Day Courses

Professional Plantar Pressure Measurement Interpretation Courses

Mar-Systems regularly host 1-day courses designed to increase your knowledge and skills when using Motion Analysis Tools. Please see below for the different courses that we run.

Dates 2022 – To be confirmed

Where: Ascot, Berkshire
Cost: £299 + VAT. (to be confirmed)
Discount available for multiple bookings.

Click here for more information or please call us on 01344 623 883