Our Products

Markerless 3D Gait Analysis

MotionMetix is a revolutionary product and the first of its kind to provide full 3D running analysis that is completely markerless. Set-up, record and analyse in less than 2 minutes.

Wireless Force Platforms

The world’s first and only wireless force plates. Built for purpose and built to last. Portable and battery powered for up to 10 hours of continuous remote testing – Hawkin Dynamics is the future of athlete monitoring.

Pressure Plates

AmCube plantar pressure measuring devices for rehabilitation, clinic and retail use.

Wireless In-Shoe Pressure

World’s first fully integrated and wireless insole sensor.

Running Shoe Selection

Boost your running shoe and insole sales in just 2 minutes.

currex Sports Insoles

Award-winning currexSole sorts insoles for running, walking, football, skiing, tennis, golf and cycling.

2D Video Analysis

Video Analysis for running shops. Help your customers select their running shoes.

Slatbelt Treadmills

SPRINTEX slat-belt treadmills are the ideal choice for gait analysis and running analysis and for rehabiliitation.

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