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World’s First Fully Integrated Wireless Pressure Sensor Insole

Measure Balance, Pressure, Weight & Motion.

The Moticon sensor insole is a unique innovation and the perfect solution for sensing foot dynamics.

It measures the pressure distribution, weight, balance and motion. The completely wireless and integrated package results in excellent usability.

Each sensor insole contains 13 capacitive pressure sensing pads and a 3D accelerometer for measuring motion.

The sensor data is processed in the embedded micro-system. From this raw data, a variety of essential gait and motion parameters are computed.

Moticon Insoles
Moticon Battery Compartment

How does it work?

Sensor specifications

Precision and durability are key characteristics of all built-in sensing elements.

The pressure sensing pads are produced in-house and subject to strict quality tests and individual calibration.

Sizes and top layers

The sensor insoles are available in 9 different double shoe sizes from EU 32/33 to EU 48/49. You can choose between two different top layers, an easy to clean artificial leather (Ellecalf) and an anti-slip Ripstop material.

Moticon Sensors
Moticon Sensors

Sensor insole capabilities

We try to make our products match your needs and requirements. That is why each pair of sensor insoles can be configured for your type of application.

The Moticon sensor insole is controlled wirelessly with Moticon software when connected to an ANT enabled PC or smartphone.

There are three basic operation modes.

  • In Live mode, data is streamed in real time to a device for generating feedback or for capturing the data.
  • In Recording mode, data is stored directly on the integrated memory for completely independent use.
  • If the sensor insole is not operating and not moved, it turns to Sleep mode to automatically save energy.
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