The automatic markerless analysis solution for your diagnostics. For efficient and objective running analysis.

2D Analysis

Record the running style of your athlete or patient without markers and benefit from intelligent and fast data acquisition and evaluation.

Evaluate the automatically generated joint angles and assess the movement of the anatomical reference points which are overlayd on the video image.

3D – Running analysis at the highest level

By integrating additional cameras, you can analyse the running movement in 3D. The fully automatic evaluation of the analysis provides comprehensive results on all relevant running parameters.


Save analysis time

The fully automated motion capture gives you the possibility to record all relevant motion data within a few minutes without markers. Save valuable analysis time and gain measurement accuracy. With a single click, the processed tracking data from your recorded running analysis is displayed.

Make results visible

Use our TEMPLO® software to visualise the analysis results for your athletes and patients. Present your results immediately after recording with the help of our analysis tools. Export videos and create predesigned or customised reports to share with athletes, patients, coaches or therapists.

Analyse comprehensively

Expand your analysis with additional measurement data from force plates, EMG and complementary timing methods and obtain a comprehensive biomechanical view of your athlete’s and patient’s individual running style.

SuzRunning Analysis Professional