Use our markerless analysis solution for your clinical diagnostics. For efficient and precise 2D/3D gait analysis

2D Analysis

Analyse and evaluate the patient’s gait cycles from frontal, dorsal and lateral perspectives and benefit from the intelligent and fast data acquisition & evaluation.
Evaluate the automatically generated joint angles and assess the movement traces of the anatomical reference points which are overlayed on the video image.

3D – Gait analysis at the highest level

Equip your gait lab with several cameras and get a professional three-dimensional analysis of the gait movement.
The fully automated analysis via Theia3D with markerless tracking provides you a 3D body model and highly precise results of all relevant gait parameters.
Use the results for comprehensive, automatic reports in Visual3D, which you can individually adapt to your analysis.

Efficient Analysis

Record the videos quickly and easily directly in TEMPLO®.
Our tracking algorithm automatically detects joint centers and offers you the following advantages:

  • Time saving through automated tracking
  • Increased reliability
  • Increase in objectivity

Make results visible

Use the predefined analysis templates in TEMPLO® to evaluate your recordings quickly and efficiently. Display movement curves and angles superimposed on the video. Visualise additional recorded data in diagrams, e.g. force and EMG data. During video playback, the selected data and the gait phases you defined in the timeline are displayed at the respective time.

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