Templo Retail Running Analysis

TEMPLO Retail Running Analysis Software is the ideal gait analysis software to help you with running shoe selection for your customers. It has been developed especially for the running specialist and retailer where speed of use is paramount.

Templo Retail Running Analysis uses a 1 video camera system and can capture live images in full HD.

There are 3 different programmes you can use:

Spot Check
A no nonsense click ‘n’ look programme. Simply click ‘record’ then everything is taken care of, all you have to do is analyse.

Multi View
With auto synchronisation, you can analyse/compare up to 4 pairs of shoes instantly. Follow the simple workflow to show your customer which shoe is best.

Analysis Pro
For retailers with trained or qualified staff who wish to evaluate the barefoot and original shoe before making a recommendation. With an easy to follow menu, overlay functions, tools, video editing etc the Analysis Pro programme sets the benchmark.

Key Features

  • Intuitive – fast and easy to use
  • Free online support (first 6 months)
  • Live capture in full HD! (1920 x 1080)
  • 1 camera system
  • Create YouTube videos for your customers
  • Multiple User Profiles – carry out several analyses at the same time
  • In depth view of difference between shoes
  • Specifically designed to help running shops sell more shoes
  • 3 distinct protocols
  • Efficient and user friendly workflo
  • Integrated customer database
  • User defined reporting protocols
  • Comparison of up to 6 different shoes simultaneously
  • Measure angle of pronation

– Integration of TEMPLO SERVER
– Addition of second camera for lateral view
– High speed cameras
– Pressure measurement
– LED spot/flood lights
– Custom kiosk design
– Portable solutions for use at promotional events
– Integration of motionQuest for shoe recommendation

After a new entry is added to the customer database, the potential customer first runs barefoot on the treadmill, at which point the staff member evaluates his or her gait type.
The staff member can then recommend a few different pairs of running shoes that may suit the potential customer’s gait and running style.
The customer’s stride is captured wearing each pair of shoes, and then each clip is compared to determine which shoe is optimal. The staff member can make a shoe recommendation and back it up with visual proof. Alternatively, the start of the process can also include a footscan or pressure measurement to determine the arch type of the potential customer, and can incorporate the fabrication of custom insoles.

The process identifies how each different shoe type alters the customer’s stride and gait mechanics.
The customer comes away from the fitting session feeling as though his or her individual needs have been met.
The system also provides customers with a higher quality shopping experience, and customized hardware features, such as branded kiosks, add to the aesthetic feel of your shop. Additionally, when plantar pressure measurement systems or footscanners are utilized, the results can be taken into account during the fitting process, and can also be incorporated into a report for the customer.

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  • Profeet
  • Road Runner Sports
  • Moti
  • Run Swindon

and many more,

Suz2D Retail Running Analysis