Hawkin Dynamics Cloud

Deep insights into your team's performance.

The Hawkin Cloud provides deep analytics into your team’s performance. Data is instantly synced to any connected device in real-time, allowing you to access and monitor your testing program from anywhere in the world. A customizable dashboard allows you to focus on what matters most. Easily track individual athlete’s performance trends over time or get a high level view of your entire team’s progess at a click of a button. Most importantly your data belongs to you. Access the raw force data for any test and instantly export entire sessions. API integrations available upon request.

All your Data

  • Hawkin Cloud offers in-depth analytics of each test-type – with access to calculated outputs and raw data with a click of the mouse.

  • Track specific metrics of any individual athlete in your database across their entire testing history – see change over time in a clear and simple way.

  • Monitor how each athlete is performing against their own historical data, the team’s historical data, or within an individual session itself.

Team Management

  • Add and organize athletes all within the cloud application.

  • Import lists of athletes instantly.

  • Create and manage groups to better organize your testing sessions.

SuzHawkin Dynamics Cloud