Sprintex Ortho Treadmill for Running Gait Analysis

Sprintex Trac 60e Treadmill

For Locomotion Therapy

The Callis Trac 60E running belt is suitable for physically very disabled and non-ambulatory patients.

Used in the rehabilitation sector for locomotion therapy, recovery and the reconnecting of neuronic and muscular structures as well as for building up muscular strength, endurance and physical fitness.


Dynamic body weight support for an early rehabilitation

The Callis Trac 60E has been specifically designed to allow patients’ early gait rehabilitation. The two-point dynamic suspension allows a natural pelvic rotation associated with gait while helping to control excessive body rotation.The dynamic suspension system accommodates vertical displacement and associated ground reaction forces allowing natural gait patterns to be practiced, and the overhead support structure is angled to provide unobstructed patient access.

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