3D Running Analysis Reports

Summary and Running Performance

The running performance screen is designed to provide data on key running characteristics whilst automatically giving you summary scores that display the runners economy, speed potential and level of joint loading. Every measured parameter displays an optimal value which helps the interpreter to focus on key elements that can be improved.

Gait Characteristics

The gait characteristics screen displays symmetry data on joint range and flexibility of the hips, knees and ankles. These are divided into left and right side to furthur assess imbalances and weaknesses. The report also features optimal ranges which helps to highlight the imbalances faster

Force Data

The force data screen is for the real geeks and provides an opportunity to drill even deeper into your runners movements. Hip and Knee joint load are looked at from both sagittal and frontal planes by assessing the moment and forces around the joints. This report also has a drop down menu which shows common problems that can be associated with the joint in each plane of motion

Suz3D Running Analysis Reports