A Before and After Case Study

Abbie Johnson – Fitness Runner – Case Study: MotionMetrix

Abbie is a healthy 22-year-old former elite swimmer. Her running style was laboured and relied more on strength than technique. Motionmetrix immediately identified several key areas of concern with an overall score of ‘C’. Exaggerated ground contact time (GCT), excessive overstride, high knee flexion. Her elastic exchange (free energy), running economy and vertical force scores were poor.

MotionMetrix provided us with useful hints to help Abbie. Stretching and strengthening advice was provided along with technique-driven exercises.

In the video below Abbie’s scores are compared to 600 elite athletes who ran at the same speed (this group of elite athletes are also identified on the PDF report areas by a marked green area). This comparison made our initial thoughts quick and evidence-based. Delving deeper into the software allows us to really look at the data in more detail.

Overview: To reduce her excessive knee flexion, we worked on her reactive strength, incorporating plyometrics and skipping into her training. To combat her overstride we worked on her hip strength (particularly in flexion) and range of motion with help of resistance bands and step-ups. Yoga helped to increase hip mobility; this would also help to reduce her upper body rotation. Finally, we got Abbie to focus on specific core work (Hip Hikes) before running to stimulate the gluteus medius.

Abbies recent MotionMetrix result now scores her as an A+ runner.  Please use the links below to see her MotionMetrix Report and the Case Study.

If you want to know more about MotionMetrix markerless gait analysis system then please contact info@mar-systems.co.uk

SuzA Before and After Case Study