Contemplas Video Anlaysis Software

It has never been easier to analyse movements quickly and yet precisely in 2D and 3D.

Contemplas ANALYSIS SYSTEMS record all movement data in real time with the latest video technology.Combined with synchronous dynamic measurement results, they open up new insights into human movement. From simple video-supported movement correction to 3-dimensional high-end movement analysis.

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3D analysis in TEMPLO® with Theia 3D

Extend your analyses from 2D to 3D. With Markerless 3D, TEMPLO® allows a straightforward, yet detailed analysis of various movements. Record athletes on the field or patients in a clinic, without the restrictions of traditional systems.

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The most versatile solution for your gait analysis

Whether 2D or 3D – with our analysis systems we offer you all possibilities to analyse the gait pattern of your patients comprehensively and precisely.

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Contemplas have over 15 years of experience in motion analysis.

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Issued worldwide.


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