Calibration Sheets

Every Movement Studio needs one.

Calibration sheets are a basic requirement in order to achieve optimal positioning for your cameras. The sheets are located behind and beside the treadmill, and thus enable an exact horizontal and vertical positioning of the camera. In addition, the monochromatic colour offers a good contrast to the skin and the skin markings of the athlete.

The calibration sheets are available on a 5mm plastic board with surface protection that is matt finished to prevent unnecessary reflection or shadows.

Once the treadmill has been leveled, the calibration sheets are then mounted to the wall and ‘squared’ to the treadmill. Using the ‘crossed-hairs’ (yellow crossed lines) from your software toolbox you can ensure that the camera is ‘squared’ to both the treadmill and calibration sheets. Complying with this protocol ensures accurate measurement of angles and distance.

Ensure that your camera remains fixed along the ‘y’ and ‘x’ axis for professional comparison.

  • Dimensions frontal: (HxW) 180cm x 100cm/
  • Dimensions sagittal: (HxW) 120cm x 150cm
SuzCalibration Sheets