Smartfit Q5 Professional Bike Fitting Software

Dynamic Bike-fitting with Video Analysis

Bike fitting software system used by professionals. Combines dynamic video movement analysis with non-contact body scan and high-precision bike scan with laser technology. Shows sitting position live on the bike, enables biomechanical analyses and provides settings and geometries.

Opt for the scientifically tested Smartfit Q5 bike fitting software system if you wish to experience high-tech precision. For retailers who are also professional bike fitters.

Video Analysis

Video recordings with one to four cameras for dynamic bike fitting and motion analysis. The customer rides the bike on the rollers. You film sequences of different settings for the sitting position. You specify the joint angle, show the customer the videos and compare them during feedback, and then automatically generate a report based on the key images.

Body Scan

Captures physical data with a 5-point or 12-point body scan. You stand at the measuring arm with cross laser. You customer stands directly in front of you. You move the laser to each point and transmit the measurements at the touch of a button. It couldn’t be any easier – or any more precise.

Bike Scan

Bike scan by laser and at the touch of a button The bike stands on the measuring platform. You move the laser to the saddle, handlebar, bottom bracket and wheel hub to digitise the sitting position of any chosen bicycle to the exact millimetre. Once the measurements have been taken, it’s time to go for a bike fitting or choose a new bicycle with an identical sitting position.

Bike fitting

The customer’s bike is measured. You now know how the rider has been sitting on the bike to date. A recommendation for the optimal sitting position is generated on the basis of the body scan. You test this on the spot with the rider mounted on his bike on rollers. With the help of the software, you readjust and fine-tune the values for seat height, seat length, saddle position and handlebar height.

Bike Selection

Recommends a suitable bike (best fit) on the basis of customer details and physical data, including frame size and attachments. A selection list with filter function facilitates a search through more than 60 bike brands and over 10,000 current models in the online database.

Bike Adjustment

The optimal sitting position is transmitted to the bike by laser. To do this, the software controls the position of the laser carriage. You can show the customer directly where the saddle and handlebar need to be placed for the optimal sitting position. This applies whether selling a new bicycle or providing a service for a customer’s existing bike.

Media Reports

Your ergonomic consultation is a valuable service and deserves effective media coverage. Issues all customer and bike information in a variety of reports with your logo. Own reports can be edited. Also with attractively designed portfolio on request.

Smartfit Q5 consists of:


Like Smartfit Q4 + video analysis.

  • Smartfit Q4
  • Up to four HD industrial cameras
  • Camera tripod + spotlight
  • Reflective marker
  • Scan rear wall + floor mat


Bike fitting software licence for the operation of the Smartfit Q5 system.

  • Fitting software inc. video analysis
  • Geometric data package
  • Includes updates & support
  • Online server
SuzQ5 Dynamic Bikefitting with Video Analysis