TEMPLO Video Analysis Software

TEMPLO - Easily the most intuitive video analysis software available

TEMPLO is the first video analysis software program that can be customised to your working needs, protocols and branding. It is wonderfully intuitive motion analysis software and vastly superior in terms of 'ease of use' compared to any other video analysis software package.

There are a number of different versions of TEMPLO and our infogram will help you decide which TEMPLO video motion analysis software you need.

TEMPLO Professional - Multiple Camera System
TEMPLO Professional Video Gait and Motion Analysis TEMPLO Professional video motion analysis software is our premier product and designed in a modular fashion so you can build it to suit your needs.

  • Multiple camera systems
  • Ideal for sport, medical, research and industrial use
  • General motion analysis
  • Angle and marker digitalised tracking
  • Additional modules include 2-d & 3-d posture, force and pressure plate integration, server module, hi-speed and clinical gait

TEMPLO Basic - 1 Camera System
TEMPLO lite video gait analysis Ideal for the first time analyst up to the expert analyst, TEMPLO Basic video analysis software has all main features required for general motion analysis. .

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Ideal for sports, medical, industrial and science use
  • One camera system
  • Lines, angles, slow motion etc
  • Brandable reprorts, YouTube videos

TEMPLO Lite - For Retailers
Templo Lite  Video Analysis Software TEMPLO Lite is the ideal gait analysis software to help you with running shoe selection.

  • Intuitive - fast and easy to use
  • One camera system
  • Lines, angles, slow motion etc
  • Brandable reprorts
  • Create YouTube videos for your customers
  • Multiple User Profiles

TEMPLO Professional
» 2d Posture
» 3d Posture
» High speed
» Bike Fitting
» AD Capture
» Force Plates
» Pressure Plates
» Jump Analysis
» Server Module
» Clinical Gait Module
» Running Gait Module
Multiple camera systems

General Motion Analysis
One camera system

For running specialists
One camera system

Which version you need?

Camera Options

Laptop Desktop
1/ HD Camcorder no yes
2/ Camcorder Firewire yes yes
3/ Camcorder - Composite / USB camcoder yes yes
4/ Bullet Camera - Composite yes yes
5/ Bullet Camera with inputcard yes yes
6/ Webcam yes yes

» More information on camera options

TEMPLO is used by the following leading brands:

Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Saucony, Terra Plana, Somnio

TEMPLO Lite is also used the following retailers:

  • The Sweatshop
  • Lincolnshire Runner
  • Profeet
  • Road Runner Sports
  • Moti
  • Run Swindon
  • ...and many others
» Download the TEMPLO Overview PDF

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