MotionQuest Sport - Ideal for retailers

MotionQuest Sport

Make your consultation even more comprehensive with the very latest in shoe identification software - MOTIONQUEST

MOTIONQUEST is bio-mechanically based ‘hip-to-toe’ analysis system designed to select the optimal running shoe. MOTIONQUEST was developed by experts in the field of biomechanics and shoe science* in conjunction of all performance shoe manufacturers. ( * sport scientists, sports MD’s, podiatrists, and shoe technicians.)

You will not require a treadmill, video technology, analytical software or, above all, space!

The analysis is surprisingly simple, quick and intuitive.

Increase sales, sell-though and your expertise.

The analysis module within motionQuest® will systematically enable you to establish the customers; foot type, foot rotation, leg axis, hip stability, dorsal flexion, foot strike, weight etc. By simply selecting the relevant illustration that reflects your customer’s morphology – motionQuest® will:
  • Cross reference the results of the analysis against the shoe data base (1800 – definable to your inventory) to deliver the perfect match.
  • Provide a detailed analysis report.
  • Provide a personal workout strategy focusing on stretching and strengthening, enabling your customers to run more efficiently while reducing the risk of injury.
  • Give your customers a comprehensive consultation of the utmost expertise – provided for by this unique test procedure based on bio-mechanical and sports medical knowledge.
  • Use the doctor module to train your staff on typical running injuries.
  • Our users will testify that the confidence motionQuest® imparts in their customers allows them to sell the more prestigious models as well as increasing turnover! Use MOTIONQUEST to gain the decisive edge on your competitors!

Additional Features:
  • The shoe database is definable – enabling you to remove both brands and models form the inventory list that you do not stock.
  • The brands within the data base can be sorted in order of preference.
  • A customer database that holds each customers entire orthopaedic profile
  • The shoe database can be adapted to your assortment of products.
  • All customer data and the entire biomechanical profile are saved and are immediately available using the customer database.
  • The only shoe database in the world that is divided and evaluated independent from the manufacturers. Use the shoe search to compare and search for shoes. Use MOTIONQUEST on-site – interact with your customers at sports meetings and running events.

Please click to enlarge:

  • MotionQuest Sport - Select the type of analysis
  • MotionQuest Sport - 2 Minute Analysis - Identify the foot type
  • MotionQuest Sport - 2 Minute Analysis - Select the gender
  • MotionQuest Sport - 2 Minute Analysis - Select which category your client's weight falls in - this determines the cushioning
  • MotionQuest Sport - 2 Minute Analysis - Select the required stabiity
  • MotionQuest Sport - 2 Minute Analysis - Select result options
  • MotionQuest Sport - 6 Minute Analysis -  2/7 Static leg axis
  • MotionQuest Sport - 6 Minute Analysis - 3/7 Foot rotation
  • MotionQuest Sport - 6 Minute Analysis -  4/7 Flexibility in the upper ankle joint
  • MotionQuest Sport - 6 Minute Analysis -  5/7 Dynamic leg axis
  • MotionQuest Sport - 6 Minute Analysis -  6/7 Foot strike while running
  • MotionQuest Sport - 6 Minute Analysis -  7/7 Weight
  • MotionQuest Sport - 6 Minute Analysis - Capture data
  • MotionQuest Sport - 6 Minute Analysis - Personal exercise plan
  • MotionQuest Sport - 6 Minute Analysis - Motion analysis report
  • MotionQuest Sport  - Shoe selection - area of application
  • MotionQuest Sport   - Shoe selection
  • MotionQuest Sport   - Video clip your client's running style
  • MotionQuest Sport  -  Stretching and Strengthening Exercises can be prescribed

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