MOTIONQUEST Shoe Identification

MotionQuest Shoe Identification Software

Make your consultation even more comprehensive with the very latest in shoe identification software - MOTIONQUEST®

This is ideal software for those busy professionals who do not have the time to keep abreast of the latest trends in performance footwear design.

With MOTIONQUEST® you can provide your client an accurate report of the perfect shoe for their running style, detail strategies on strengthening and stretching, and finally injury explanations.

Ideal for medical professionals Ideal for sports retailers


Even the very best orthotic or therapy needs a correct base of support.

Identifying the right running shoe for your client should not be left to chance or 'trial and error'. Researchers have identified that the wrong 'type' of running shoe as the main contributor to overuse injuries. Proper shoe selection should accommodate the individual's biomechanical needs, not just for fit and function but performance too. Multiple studies have demonstrated that by prescribing the right running shoe such injuries will be reduced. Yet up to 56% of runners develop an injury with 70% of them seeking medical help.

With over 1800 different running shoes presently available in the UK (upgraded every 6 months) it is no wonder that shoe selection has become a seemingly impossible task. With MOTIONQUEST® it isn't necessary for the practitioner to memorise all the functional variances or technical features.

The technology within MOTIONQUEST allows you to:
  • Deliver a bio-mechanical correct shoe recommendation, independent from manufacturers or retailers influence.
  • Provide your client with an automatically generated and individualised strategy on strengthening and stretching.
  • Edit the automatic reports using your own predetermined script list (via Word shortcuts) or personally direct on to the report.
  • Manage your customer data and quickly access their test results and reports.
  • Quickly access the injury data bank for all running injuries from 'Hip-to-Toe'.
  • Provide your clients will real 'take-away' value from their consultation.
  • Search a video matrix detailing; foot function, strike and rotation. Each result can be printed to show; first contact, mid stance and toe-off.
  • Complete the 'loop' between biomechanics, physiotherapy and specialist footwear technician.

How do you use MOTIONQUEST®?

If you have a treadmill analysis protocol that fulfils our standards of the gait and running analysis, run the MOTIONQUEST® software parallel to your video analysis software. Click on the characteristics of the patient (located over the test progress) to create the orthopedic profile.

If you do not have access to a running laboratory, test your patients according to the instructions of the test progress.