Footwork Pro

The definitive clinical pressure plate - ideal for patient communication

As seen on BBC1's Doctor in the House

FootWork Pro accurately records and displays barefoot plantar pressure data for clinical examination. Unlike other systems FootWork Pro can record a multitude of samples displaying the results as an 'average', greatly improving accuracy and interpretation.

FootWork Pro Pressure Plates support diagnosis and mode of treatment. FootWork Pro simplifies the understanding of foot loading, timing and symmetry instantly. It's uniquely intuitive to use with fast data processing and excellent graphics. All sensor data can be exported in neat CSV files for those who which to use Footwork Pro as a research tool. It's inexpensive, robust and simple to use and all backed up by excellent customer service.

FootWork Pro is 50% bigger, with 50% more sensors than FootWork and the sensors are twice as fast. With FootWork Pro you get Velocity Data for foot timing, automatic representation of rear, mid and forefoot timings and an in-depth sutdy area.

Who's it for?
For when an in-depth knowledge of the foot is required.

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  • Footwork Pro - General Overview
  • Footwork Pro -  Force Curves
  • Footwork Pro - Dynamic Force
  • Footwork Pro -  Study Area
  • Footwork Pro -  Dynamic 3D Pressure
  • Footwork Pro - Phases
  • Footwork Pro - Velocity
  • Footwork Pro - Static General
  • Footwork Pro - Stabilometry
  • Footwork Pro - Static 3D
Key Specifications FootWork Pro FootWork
Active Area 490 x 490 mm 400 x 400
Sensor Size 7.6 x 7.6 mm 7.6 x 7.6 mm
Calibration 100% digital 100% digital
Plate Thickness 4 mm 5 mm
Pressure Range 10Kpa / 1200Kpa 10kpa / 1200 Kpa
Total Size 645 x 520 x 25mm 575 x 450 x 25mm
Accuracy Approx 5% Approx 5%
Temperature -10 + 45 Degree C -10 + 45 Degree C
Weight 4Kg
Hysteresis < 3% < 3%
Number Sensors 4,096 2,704 (Calibrated)
Connectivity USB 2 USB 2

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FootWork Pro Information
Download: Footwork Information (pdf format)
Download: FootWork Technical Manual
Download: Demonstration Software (zip format)