Templo Video Analysis

Templo 2d Video Analysis

Easily the most intuitive video analysis software available

TEMPLO 2D Video Analysis

Easily the most intuitive video analysis software available.

Developed by CONTEMPLAS GmbH in Kempten, Germany, TEMPLO is a flexible solution for capturing video data alongside any other type of data – gone are the days of multiple softwares

Retail Running

TEMPLO Retail Running is the ideal gait analysis video software to help you with running shoe selection and has been developed especially for the running specialist and retailer where speed of use is paramount. It uses a 1 camera systems and can capture live images in full HD.

Force Plate Integration

The TEMPLO Force Plate Integration Module is a simple click and look video analysis program that can analyse movement and force vectors synchronously. There is no need for markers, hours of training or soul destroying data rendering.

A force plate measures the forces generated by a body/object standing on or moving across it in three dimensions ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’, our module will display these forces in the video image.

Why Templo Software?

Unparallelled Flexibility

TEMPLO works with all modern camera types: from high-speed machine vision devices to off-the-shelf camcorders, we can find a solution to meet your specific needs and budget.

A/D Data Integration

Have an EMG or Force Plate?  Not a problem.  TEMPLO can integrate with your A/D card as well as most USB connections.  Collect your data in one software – synced and ready to go.

Integrated Reporting

What makes TEMPLO different?  TEMPLO includes seamless reporting features.  Build custom report pages in seconds as you perform your analysis – it’s that easy!

Built for Retail, Research, Sport, and Healthcare

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